Dare refuse 7 years, we move for 10 – Abiriga warns Court

MP Ibrahim Abiriga

Arua municipality Member of Parliament Hon. Ibrahim Abririga has threatened to lead his fellow lawmakers to increase their term of office from 5 -10 years if court dare rejects the 7 years bid.

Abiriga says the deal is simple and only demanding for 2 years extension but if the Judges become adamant, then it will be stretched to 10 years.

He made these words while speaking to the media shortly after graduating with a diploma at Nile Institute located in Arua.

The yellow dyed lawmaker claims went back to school on the advice of the Head of State something that has helped him to shame all his haters who always called him an illiterate leader.

Recently Oola Samuel through his lawyer’s M/S Angulira Aogon and Co. dragged Abiriga to court over allegations of forged document purporting to have attained a certificate of public Administration and Management from Uganda Christian University Contrary to section 347 and 351 of the Penal Code.

These ‘fake’ documents were submitted to the independent Electoral Commission of Uganda for purposes of nomination to become a candidate as Member of Parliament for the 2016 general elections on the 11th day of January 2016 and the 3rd of December respectively.

This forced the commission to send the documents to the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) for scrutiny but were later alternated leaving him with no option but only to go back to school and possibly this is the success he has attained today.

Who is Abiriga 
He first served in the army of then-Ugandan President Idi Amin Dada at the rank of Staff Sergeant until he was promoted to the rank of Major under NRA and finally colonel in now UPDF.
In 1971, Abiriga joined the army but applied to continue with school under the department of education at Grammar Secondary School where he reveals to have completed Ordinary Level. After nine months of training, Abiriga was deployed in the Secret Service at Makindye Military Police in Kampala.

In 2001, President Museveni appointed Abiriga as RDC for Arua. He held the job for 12 years until he was transferred to Yumbe in the same position in 2014. A few months into the position, Abiriga resigned to join elective politics and become an MP.

Abiriga is the heir and surviving eldest son of his father who had 34 children. He says he was born at a time when hunger was at its highest hence his name. Abiriga says he had over 30 wives and sired over 30 children in his early years but they all died. Today, Abiriga says he has one wife and 10 children


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