Youths storm parliament with a coffin, blame female MPs for ignoring kidnap cases.

youths carrying a coffin to parliament


Youths from Kampala have stormed parliament with a coffin while protesting against the women kidnaps.

“Parliament is just looking on while females are being killed. It only focuses on issues that  favor their own interests,” the group shouted as they approached parliament.


Much more, the group accused the female law makers led by the speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for ignoring issues concerning fellow women.

However, police stopped the youths from entering the August house and when they tried to find their way forcefully, police dispersed them off and arrested two of them.

Kampala Metropolitan Area police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has confirmed the arrest of Achom Rebecca and Ferdinand Ruta over incitement of violence.

“They are currently detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala,” Owoyesigyire told the Nile Post.

Currently, the cases of female kidnapping have been rampant with some women kidnapping themselves so as to solicit money from their families.


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