Compensate tortured Kaweesi Murder Muslim suspects – Mufti Mubajje  

Ahmed Ssenfuka, one of the rearrested Kaweesi murder suspects.

19 Muslims last year were arrested by police over the gruesome murder of police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi, in March last year were released by court early this year after police failed to avail satisfactory evidence to sustain their charges.

Court awarded some of the suspects with over Shs200m for the torture that was unleashed against them while at the now closed high profile detention facility at Nalufenya, in Jinja District.

In the same plea, the Uganda Muslim Mufti, Ramadhan Mubajje, has asked government to compensate all Muslims who were wrongfully arrested, detained and tortured over murder spates in the country.

This was during the Eid Mubarak sermon at Old Kampala National Mosque on Friday.

Mubajje added that several Muslims have been found innocent by courts after they had undergone hell in detention facilities thus calling upon the government to compensate them.

“Government should conduct a comprehensive investigation to establish why Muslims have always been the most targeted by assassins.” He said.

He also noted that Muslims are the most killed in this criminality and they are always the first ones arrested as suspects something that is unfair to the Muslim Fraternity.


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