Museveni wants all guns fingerprinted

Museveni readies-his favourite gun to shoot

President Museveni has issued a directive to have all guns in the country fingerprinted.

Speaking to Parliament during the presidential address on security, Museveni said that there should be no undetected crimes after we have done such efforts since some crimes have been committed due negligence of some officers.

“There should be no undetected crimes after we have done, the following; 1- I have issued an order through the security sub committee that all guns should be finger printed so that we know which gun belongs to who.” He said.

On speaking about the Boda Boda criminals, Museveni said that government is going to ensure that motor cycles get electronic number plates with signals inserted on them.

“We are going to require every motor vehicle or motor cycle to install number plates with electronic signals in them. This will enable easy detection of vehicles/motorcycles involved in crime and also deter tampering with them.” He added.

He also underscored the point how the entire Uganda had no peace during the time of kings, or at the time of British rule, not after independence or even during NRM, before we defeated ADF in 2007.

“Having defeated Joseph Kony of LRA and ADF in Congo, I can authoritatively stand here and say, for the first time in 500 years, we have peace in Uganda.” He stated.

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