Mowzey Radio’s school closes, Administrators ask Weasel to intervene.

The late vocalist, Mowzey Radio who passed on earlier this year left very many unaccomplished projects like unfinished apartments and a school for orphans.

however, some of his businesses are now collapsing since none of his relatives, friends and well wishers has taken action to take full control and manage them. Such investments include the school he had constructed to look after children like orphans and those who cannot afford to attain an education.

Unfortunately, the school, St. Maria Gorreti Primary School, Buziga is currently in bad shape and has closed after 4 months which has caused the administrators of the school to get down to their knees and ask Weasel and other musicians to intervene.

The headteacher, Joanita Namubiru also says that the owner of the land took the land from the school.

“Radio’s friends should come together and buy land and build another school. His friend Weasel was very close and knew about this school but it is sad that he has let it collapse,” said Joanita Namubiru.

Namubiru adds that all musicians should come together and show love for Radio by building a school that will be called ‘Radio memorial school’ because the school is one of the very few things that made Radio very happy.

Much more, most of the children who were at the school left because they did not have facilities and food stuffs to sustain them.


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