Remain where you are, Museveni silences new excited RDCs


Government has halted the recent appointment of Resident District Commissioners (RDC) and deputies over controversies.

On June 15, President Yoweri Museveni expressed powers granted to him by the Constitution and reshuffled RDCs and their deputies. However, days later social media was awash with posts that the President’s previous RDCs list had two names of deceased persons, while some serving LCV chairpersons were also named in the new list and a family of three were also named RDCs.

Consequently, on June 19, Museveni recalled the RDC reshuffle list and made amendments. However, it later on emerged that due diligence was not conducted during the preparation of the list after one appointee who had earlier on been said to be died resurfaced yet he had been scrapped off from the new RDC list.

As a result, Museveni while holding a meeting with his ministries on Sunday expressed frustration with his staff and called for suspension of the RDC reshuffle list.

According to a letter June 24, Esther Mbayo, minister in charge of the Presidency has told all the current RDCs and their deputies to remain in their previous work station prior to new appointment.

“Following what has been circulating in the social media about appointments and transfers of RDCs and Deputy RDCs, there has been tension and panic among the RDC fraternity. As minister in charge of the Presidency, I wish to inform the RDCs and Deputies to stay at their work stations and carry out their functions and responsibilities normally,” Mbayo said.

Ofwono Opondo, Executive Director, Uganda Media Centre on Monday reaffirmed the statement saying that all RDCs and their deputies should stay and continue working at their duty stations where they have been.

“Newly appointed RDCs and deputies should also stay where they are until office of the president calls them to pick their appointment letters and posting instructions. Those affected by the transfers should in the meantime prepare their handover reports,” Opondo said.

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