Kadaga Suspends Bobi Wine Over Togikwatako Cap

Bobi Wine

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has this afternoon thrown Kyadondo East County MP Robert Kyagulaanyi aka Bobi Wine out of the Parliament chambers over indecent dressing.

Bobi Wine was in the chambers participating in the day’s parliamentary proceedings before Ajuri County MP Hamson Obua rose up on point of Order requesting Speaker Kadaga to prevail on him for dressing like a military officer. Whereas Bobi Wine was wearing a suit, he spiced it up with a military-like red cap in protest of the social media and mobile money tax. Bobi Wine on several public occasions wore a similar cap during the Togikwatako or age limit Bill debates.

In response, Kadaga ordered Bobi Wine to get out of the chambers and dress up in accordance with the Parliament Rules of Procedure.

He moved out of the plenary removed the cap then came back.

Rule 81 of the Rules of Procedure state that, a Member shall dress in a dignified manner that is to say— (a) a suit, a pair of long trousers, jacket, shirt and tie; a kanzu and jacket or a Safari Suit, for male Members; (b) a suit, a jacket, blouse and skirt or dress for lady Members; (c) decent traditional wear; (d) military attire for Members of the Armed Forces.

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