Kenyan Artistes to Hold a Free Concert for Bobi Wine.

Today evening, artistes in Kenya will hold a concert dubbed ‘Freedom Concert’ to stand with Ugandan legislator, also singer, Bobi Wine who was arrested on Monday 13th August 2018.

Since Bobi Wine’s arrest, the country has been taken up by riots and social media went awash with the #FreeBobiWine hashtag. Ugandans have played their part in ensuring that their voice as per the cause is heard and Kenyans have picked up on it with vigor.

“Musicians in Nairobi to host Freedom Concert as a sign of solidarity with the good people of Uganda. Ugandans leading the fight for the freedom of , the 33 who were arrested in Arua and ultimately the freedom of Uganda and East Africans,” posted Maskani Ya Taifa.

Kenyans on the Uganda-Kenya border in Busia demonstrated at the start of this week. This was all in addition to their activity on social media as they join Ugandans in the fight for Bobi Wine’s freedom.

Much more, Kenyan artistes have agreed that it should be a  free concert for whoever will care to join the movement later in the evening.
The concert is set to take place from 4pm to 7pm at Pawa 254 in Nairobi. It is also reported that the free concert will be followed with a peaceful protest tomorrow.

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