Makerere Univsersity in Need OF 3 Billion to pay staff.


Makerere University has been asked to pay its staff Shs3 billion.

This directive was made by t he KCCA Labour Court which directed that it refunds about 90 of its administrative staff whom it has been paying less due to discrepancies in salary scales.

The university staff last year ran to court, protesting that what they described as the university’s unlawful creation of parallel pay scales of M6.1 and M6.2 from the original M6 scale. They said the parallel scales denied them salaries which they were entitled to under M6 scale.

And on Thursday according to PML, the labour court ordered Makerere University to refund the money in seven days to the administrators.

KCCA labour officer Hannington Kasaga noted that after reviewing the claimants’ appointment letters and the university human resource manual, he was convinced that the claimants were appointed on M6 salary scale, which is clearly provided for in the manual of the university.

He noted that the creation of Salary Scale M6.1 and M6.2 in 2017 could not have affected the claimants because they were appointed earlier, therefore, could not be imposed on them as a new change in policy or law because it does not apply retrospectively.

Kasaga noted salary scales of M6.1 and M6.2 were not created in line with the law.

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