Bryan White Pleads For Fik Fameca and Vinka to Join the ‘Podium’

Socialite Bryan White alias Brian Kirumira has promised to convince Fik Fameica and Vinka to join his famous Bryan White Foundation.

According to Bryan White, he believes that these two artistes have become the faces of music and will help him to win his popularity among the youths who currently consider him as a fraud.

“Fik Fmeica and Vinka are currently popular among the youths and will help me to carry out my projects that are very helpful to many youths,” he said.


Few months ago, socialite Bryan White chased musicians from  Bryan White Foundation a.k.a Podium, where they had become employees and were required to wear uniform.  He further added that he does not not want to associate with Kampala residents because they do not appreciate his efforts but instead insult him.

Bryan White claimed that some of the musicians were using drugs yet the Foundation was preaching against it, gossip news reaching our desks is that the city money is thinking about signing, Fik Fameica and Vinka who are in the target group of youth as his foundation theme states “Awakening the Youth from Poverty”.

Critics however claimed that he was running broke, and couldn’t handle paying artists anymore.

Cindy, Chameleone, Weasel, and DJ Michael had fallen out with Bryan White over time management, they couldn’t report to Bryan White’s residence at 8am as

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