Frank Gashumba Looking For Counselors to Talk to Indiscipline Daughter, Shiella

Frank Gashumba has finally come out to talk about the saga that has been around social media claiming tha he terribly beat up his daughter Shiella and locked her up.

According to Gashumba, he says that no one is going to tell him how to run his family and so Shiella must be respectful and follow the rules he sets for her..

“No one is going to run my home. At my home, there is no democracy because no one elected me to be the father of Sheilah. At home, I set the rules and you must abide by them,” he said.

Gashumba also adds that she is dissapointed in Shiella’s behaviour because he gave her the very best which has made very many young children of her age  to envy her. However, she is not acting in a manner that is appreciating him for his efforts.

“Enough is enough. I took care of my daughter, taking her to the best schools. She is now a very successful young girl. There are very few young people who are as successful as she is,” Frank Gashumba added.

However Frank Gashumba said, despite being a young achiever, Sheilah has of late engaged in acts of indiscipline that he doesn’t like.

“She is disrespectful; comes home late at night. She is becoming another man in my home. I hear rights; children must be respectful to their parents.She did not sleep home.

She returned home the following day with friends. I am helping her to avoid the company of wrong people who are abusing alcohol and drugs,” disappointed Gashumba remarked.


And when Gashumba was asked if he indeed beat up Sheilah, He responded, “Yes, when I asked Sheilah to explain why she never returned home, she started telling me stories. Awo empi nezivaayo (I gave her some slaps). If we all raise our kids to become responsible citizens, the entire world benefits from our works. If she became a president, the entire village, World would celebrate our success. This is the reason I had considered getting counselors to talk to her because I deeply love that girl. I don’t want to see wrong people destroying her,,”Frank Gashumba concluded.

It was reported that Sheila Gashumba was beaten to pulp by her father because she returned home on Saturday night drunk together with her friends, who started abusing Frank Gashumba for mistreating his own daughter, an act that was well digested by  Gashumba.

He responded by beating her up and locking her inside her room only to be rescued by her mother with the help  Kabalagala Police Station.

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