Museveni Vows to Construct Better Roads In His Home District

President Museveni

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has vowed to improve infrastructure in the entire Kashongi Sub county Kiruhura District.

Speaking during the visit to the area, Museveni added that the issue of electricity and clean water will also be tackled.

“Regarding infrastructure, government will extend electricity to Kashongi County and also work on most crucial roads in the Constituency. The issue of clean water is already being addressed.” He stated.

Museveni urged locals to invest in commercial farming so that they can improve their livehoods and communities.

“Household poverty can for sure be defeated through modern commercial agriculture if we all emulate this example. Household poverty is the biggest challenge to Ugandans and I strongly advise every household in the country to play a devoted role to overcome it.” He added citing that they should emulate Mr. Yorokamu Kamukama, a model coffee farmer in Kitoma, Kitura Sub-County, Kashongi County. He earns Shs.160 million annually from his 30-acre coffee shamba.

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