Singer Ameria Nambala Attacked and Severely beaten By Robbers

Singer Ameria Nambala was severely beaten by robbers and left nursing a seriously bruised and swollen face.

The incidence took place at her home in the late hours of Thursday night as she had just returned from work.

According to her statements, the Nina Amaalo singer was in her bedroom when she first heard her housemaid being beaten and making loud alarms. She then decided to come to her rescue only to end up being on the receiving end of heavy punches and kicks.

Nambala, who had a swollen face narrated that the robbers’ intentions seemed not to be centered on robbing her property but wanted to acquire details concerning her family.

It is only after disclosing some details about her family that the robbers picked some of her property and left. They carried with them a television set, her phones, and some other few items.

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