Andy Events Promises To Destroy B2C’s Music Career

Former B2C manager Andy events has promised to destroy the career of B2C group by introducing a new music group that he will manage before the end of this year.

According to Andy Events, he claims that he was disappointed by the way the B2C boys handled the matter and went ahead to embarrass him instead of approaching him as friends.

“The boys are my friends and i have helped them a lot. However, i do not like the way they embarrassed a big man like me,” he said.

In an official statement released by the B2C group, Andy had got other pressing commitments which could not enable him continue as their manager in the industry which demands 100% input.

It should be noted that the two parties  no longer see eye to eye after a disagreement that arose from unfair distribution of cash that was collected from their recent concerts.

Andy events has gone on to declare that he will replace B2C with another singing group before the year ends.

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