All We Want Is the Return of Age and Term Limits, Not Useless Constitutional Review – Otto

Odonga Otto

Aruu county Member of Parliament Hon. Odonga Otto has described the whole idea of a constitutional review as a bad taste for entire Pearl of Africa.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Frontline Otto said that the constitution was already raped in parliament and the victim is still under recovery.

He says this move is just a waste of tax payer’s money because the most reasonable thing to do right now is to reinstate the key pillars of the constitution.

“It doesn’t require any review. What Ugandans want is the return of age limit and term limits. This institution of Parliament is time bad.” He states.

The verbal lawmaker insists that the people are waiting to chase these MPs to go home come 2021 citing that the issue isn’t timing since time can always be created.

“Ugandans are grieved on the conduct of their members of parliament. This parliament is like cows, it’s more of how much is there. When the president wants something, he just calls them to State House and it is done.” He adding that one can’t say we have democracy in Uganda unless you’re from Mars, maybe you should remove that outfit you’re wearing.

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