Top 10 Stroppy types of Men Serious Ladies Should Not Date in 2019

Women, this is for you!! Yes 2019 has just started, we all have great resolutions but we should not ignore the fact that some people in our lives might be a reason for failure to achieve our goals. Let bygones be bygones but 2019 should not be a year chinwag and mediocrity.

Its true no one on this planet is perfect but everyone needs to make efforts of becoming a good person regardless of the existing savagery forces.

This brings me to a resolution that there some types of men that don’t deserve to be given time during this year of prospering and achieving our dreams. Here are the 10 types of awkward men that serious women should not date in this year.

1 Drunkards.

Well relatively a big number of men drinks or if they don’t then some go an extra mile to use different types of drugs but being honest a man who can’t control his drinking habits doesn’t even deserve chance to even see the colour of your knickers.

How can a real man drink himself silly to an extend of failing to trace his way back home or mess up his clothes? Such types of men should end in 2018.

2 Womanizers.

Though some women have persevered this nagging and disrespectful character, for God’s sake there is no woman who wishes to have a loose man in her life. A man who can’t respect his trousers, sleep with every woman dosen’t deserve to be called a Man, Real men are faithful people!

3 Betting Addicts.

If you haven’t seen one, then possibly you need to go to church and thank God for the maiden opportunity but a betting addict is as nagging as a Kalerwe prostitutes. Besides injecting much of his time in following the different sports performances than making their families happy, betting addicts spend recklessly even when they are broke.

Chances of winning a bet can honestly rated at a ratio of 10:100 implying that to win one tick, Muyindi will have beaten him at least 10 times. All this means money that could be used to do a lot of important things but a man who is already addicted, he would rather spend the entire day on an empty stomach but when he has placed his bet. Such type of men wappi, give us a break in 2019!

4 Violent.

A real house wife can withstand bad sex, poverty among others but violence is something that needs to be rebuked with strong Holy Spirit fire! It’s practically impossible, a real man can’t beat his wife, therefore once he lifts his hand on you, just get rest assured that he doesn’t love you anymore.

We have seen several innocent and beautiful women dying as a result of domestic violence, you don’t have to be the next person to make headlines. 2019 is not a year of dying stupidly, All Violent men zziiii…….Twakoowa effugabi….!!

5 Liars

One of the biggest saboteurs of development in homes and communities is non-other than lies. A dishonest person is an indirect agent of the devil who may not help you prosper.

Therefore if he can’t speak the truth my sister sack that nigger because chances are high that even the ‘I love you’ words he tells you are all hoax and have never existed on the bottom of his heart.

6 Unreligious.

There is a quote that states that “a family that prays together stays together”, trust me no relationship can survive without God. Therefore regardless of his faith, a good lover has to be a good believer because everything physical and spiritual comes from God.

 7 Lazy/Poor.

There is no lady on this planet who doesn’t like getting married to a rich person. As the Holy Bible stipulates it that man has to toil to get what to eat, every man has a role to play to see that his wife and family is happy.

A man who is not making extra efforts to see that his life gets better deserves no space in your heart during this precious year because honestly you can’t claim that you love me when you can’t provide for our family. Real men have to work hard!

8 Arrogant.

Another nagging character is the spirit of arrogance! The tendencies of some ‘boys’ thinking as if they are the last born of all men in the world must be rebuked in this precious year. Those that feel mountains of self-importance and inconsiderate of other people’s feelings don’t deserve to touch a waist of a modern and focused lady. Ferocious characters one side, twakoowa….!

9 Gossip boys.

If spared, a man who gossips too much deserves to be taken the zoo in Entebbe! Honestly how can a real man become a Lugambo agent? These are the same types of people that will spend a night with you and the next day they are everywhere trilling on the village like Yamaha generators how they managed to taste your muchuzi. They also know who is broke, who sleeps with who, who has the best ass on the village, who eats well blaaa…..blaaa…. as if they are census enforcement officers. Embwa ezo….!!  

10 Thief.

A person who steals other people’s property regardless of size and quantity doesn’t deserve to get close to a serious and focused women in this great year of God. These are the very types of men that will be stealing their wives money from the wallets and even selloff family property without woman’s consent.  Basing on the fact that a rat produces a rat, these characters are bound to ruin the entire linage, there firing such boys is more that passing the UNEB Chemistry paper.

Happy and prosperous New Year 2019

…………………………To be continued …………………….  

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