M7: Why Should We Spend US$450m on foreign travels, Yet coffee alone fetches us US$500m?

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni applauded the exemplary work of the groups that exhibited their value added products, at a function where he presided over the handing over dummy cheques to various groups, operating projects under the programmes of Uganda Youth Livelihood Programme (UYLP) and that of the Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme (UWEP)

Rulembo Youth Leather Products from Kisoro for example who tan leather exhibited good quality shoes they produce. 
“Those are jobs. We need to do more of that. The skin is tanned and shoes made or even car seats,” The President observed, and called for a movement of import substitution and export promotion.

On the issue of budget allocation to youth, President Museveni emphasized the need to first improve the equipment of the Army, re-launch the country’s Airline and increase funds for Operation Wealth Creation.

“Let’s not encourage bad planning and squander our resources. The country spends US$450 million on foreign travels and yet coffee alone fetches the country US$500 million. If we have discipline and reduce on the expenditure and foreign travels, we can increase OWC funds. I am glad some people have woken up and embraced commercial farming,” he noted.

The Minister of State for the Youth, Hon. Nakiwala Kiyingi, thanked President Museveni for prioritizing the skilling of the youth and women. She pointed out that it is only President Museveni who has come out to support women and youth groups unlike in several countries worldwide whose women and youth are funded 80% by NGO’s.

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