Fabiola Fails To Convince Donors, Sells Calenders To Get Funds For Her Foundation

NBS Media personality Anita Fabiola is carrying out a charity activity that involves selling off of her own personalized 2019 Calendars with her own photos and motivational quotes so as to raise money to stop gender based violence.

The Calendars are being sold at a whooping fee of UGx40,000. Luckily, the NBS TV Katch Up host has registered a massive sale hence generating income for the “Fab Girls Foundation.”

All proceeds are going to support her NGO,the “Fab Girls Foundation” which looks at creating awareness for issues like stopping Gender based Violence.

However, it is rumored that Fabiola failed to get donors to fund her foundation due to her past experience that involves her exposing her nudity to the public.

To reach this goal, Fabiola partnered with Naguru Skyz Hotel, Golden Tulip and Glitz by Nalu to work on this amazing project.

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