Embattled Dfcu Clients Beg for Forgiveness for Disrespecting Teso Minister

Two customers of Dfcu Bank in Soroti District who were arrested for allegedly ‘disrespecting’ the State Minister for Teso Affairs, Agnes Akiror Egunyu has begged for forgiveness.  

Mohamed Sebuya, 35, and James Davis Bamwidhi, 30, both money lenders attached to Munarura Associates were arrested last month at the bank’s Soroti branch after the minister, Agnes Jaff Akiror, called the East Kyoga Regional Police Commander, Maxwell Ogwal, that she had been attacked at the bank. The two were detained detention for five days after being arrested for denying the Minister quick access to the counter without following the queue.

According to a handwritten letter that the Insider has obtained, Sebuya on January 15 while still in custody wrote to the minister apologizing for disrespecting her.

“Am on my knees pleading for your forgiveness towards us as a mother. It is true we disrespected you and humiliated you in public, we are and I am really very sorry for the discomfort we caused you on that day. All that happened because we had overstayed in the bank without being attended to, so by the time you came we were so exhausted thus making us to act in such a manner to an elder like you,” Sembuya’s apology letter reads.

He adds, “So please forgive me for all the words I mentioned to you. For the little time I have stayed in police custody it has taught me a lesson never to disrespect anyone in whatever state the person is.”

When contacted on phone, Sebuya admitted that indeed he authored the handwritten letter, but he is not certain if it was actually delivered the minister.

“I don’t know whether she received the letter because personally I have never met her and I wrote this letter when I was still in custody so I handed it over to the police officers hoping that they delivered it her,” Sebuya said.

He said that they are out of police and keep reporting regularly on police bond. Efforts to find a comment from minister Egunyu were futile.

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