OPINION: Unmasking the Real “Fiscal Tools” Dilemma And Role of Satisfied Elites

Its time we examine the reality of our education system of whether it helps us gather knowledge to build our nation together or confirms the abbreviation of PhDs to be meaning “Pull him Down syndrome”.

One thing I love about Hon Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert and the whole people power idea, is the fact that he (Kyagulanyi) acknowledges that he isn’t all knowing! and people power isn’t himself alone but for all Ugandans including intellectuals, mere elites, hooligans, illiterates, rich and poor etc. The bottom line is being Ugandan! Therefore we all have a role.

Back in the 80s a group of 27 hooligans and bandits fell out with the status quo of Dr Obote’s government and they picked weapons to fight, the head elite Dr. Milton Obote then, called them bandits since most of them had not seen enough blackboards to define their “fiscal tools” all they had as tools were guns. Professors and analysts remained at Makerere with all their fancy English, beautiful polices, and vast knowledge about the feature and present. Bandits gathered trust among the local people as they fought, in 1986 they captured power without “fiscal tools”.

You will see many photos of these bandits in the bush war but you will never see the “chief bandit’s” graduation photo.

The professors who refused to join hooligans today use their fancy English to put up industrial strikes, because bandits for 33 years have refused to give them worthy salary! Who is to blame? Bandits own keys the central bank, they corrupt elites to sale “fiscal tools” via WhatsApp! It is alleged that some Bandits get PhDs from elites on gunpoint.

Away from those, why have the elites with “fiscal tools”, experience and best manifestoes failed to cause change? 

1. Amama Mbabazi in 2016 had all knowledge to do with governance, he was the master technocrat of the NRM, he convinced fellow elites who supported him through TDA, praised him on media but on the voting day, elites failed to turn up because polling stations ” ain’t cool places for them” no packing space, no ac, the noise, the dust aaaaa they stayed home and elite Mbabazi hardly got 3%.

The same apply on elite professor Baryamureba with all mighty in IT.

2. Abed Bwanika has always had the best manifesto based on our backbone, agriculture! Unfortunately all intellectuals listen to him and node their heads in acceptance but still our polling stations are not fancy and classy to enable intellectuals of this world vote for him. The highest he scores is 1.5%.

I tell you if these things were in reality about “fiscal tools” Andrew Mwanda would be president with all his statistics and debate!

3. Con. Dr. Kiiza Besigye with all bush war experience, knowledge about the dictator both health wise and politically has always tried to be ahead by avoiding elitism and relating with the locals but still they look at him as a fountain who if arrested everything goes on standstill! And the game ends, m7 rules!

I do not trash the fact that “fiscal tools” are important but not until the struggle becomes all inclusive we shall not win.

Today, We seem to be having another group of hooligans and bandits on the front of the struggle, God is good! These bandits are ready to listen, embrace ideas and work with elites. I therefore call upon those who know more to draft their polices and bring them on table than dicing and pulling down these bandits who I am very sure they have the numbers, committed to the cause, united and ready for anything.

Don’t wait to be appointed minister while you laugh at them. Let’s work collectively to build this nation together, don’t despise.

If you (elite) let these bandits get to statehouse without you ……………

Masereka Joshua

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