People Like Okello Oryem, Sam Engola are Too Fat Because of Money- Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has used an example of Sam Engola, NRM Vice chairperson for Northern Uganda and State minister for Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem whom he said are too fat because they know how to make money.  

Museveni said this while addressing a rally in Obulengorok, Okulonyo Sub County in Usuk on Saturday as part of his countrywide activities on wealth creation. He encouraged the people of Okulonyo in Usuk County to not only engage in subsistence farming but also commercial farming as a means to fight famine and create wealth respectively. Museveni used his Luweero demonstration farm as an example saying he earns Shs64m from fish farming.

Museveni arrives in Okulonyo Sub County to a mammoth crowd

“I don’t like a society where others are fine while others are not. We need to do farming for subsistence to eliminate famine and commercial farming to chase poverty,” Museveni said.

“I get Shs64m per year from my demonstration farm in Luweero. I will set up a demonstration farm here [Usuk]. Can our people have one acre of cassava for food, another for gnuts, two acres of oranges, one acre of pasture, then pigs then poultry and fish farming?”

Museveni urged locals to follow guidelines from established leaders who know how to make money through business. He used an example of Engola and Okello Oryem whom he said are too fat because they know how to make money.  

“How do we all get alright? It is by working hard and sharing with those who know. I was in Acholi and they said they have famine but I looked at Sam Engola, Okello Oryem they are too fat. They have no sign of famine. So we need to learn from such people,” Museveni said.

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