Address war arms supply to Africa – Oulanyah

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, has made a call to Christian government leaders to devise ways of tackling the continued supply of war arms to war ravaged countries, especially in Africa.  

He warned that unless countries that supply arms stop, people will continue killing each other.

“The wars that are being fought in Africa; the guns are not made in Africa. brothers kill brothers and sisters kill sisters,” Oulanyah said.

Oulanyah made the call during the Christian Government Leaders Summit at King David’s Hotel in Jerusalem, Israel on Sunday, 6 October 2019.

The summit was attended by government leaders from countries all over the world including; United States of America, Ghana, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo among others.

Oulanyah blamed the instability in African countries on greed by some countries, saying that greed causes despair.

“It is this attitude of wanting to take it all, that ends up in war. Somebody said that God has given us enough resources to be managed for everybody’s need but not for a few people,” said Oulanyah.

He challenged Christian government leaders to emulate biblical teachings about love, if they are to promote peace.

“The two questions in the bible in the old and New Testament; the one in the Old Testament is, ‘am I my brother’s keeper?’ and the one in the New Testament is, ‘who is my neighbor?’. These questions are for all of us. As Christians, we must be able to confirm that yes, I am my brother’s keeper,” Oulanyah said.

Government leaders from other African countries including West Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo decried the instability in their countries and prayed for peace and good democratic governance to prevail.

The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, Fleur Hassan asked nations to pray for the peace of Jerusalem so that it can be in harmony with neighboring countries.

“Jerusalem is a peaceful city but we need continued peace so that we can continue being a center where all nations can converge to discuss peace,” said Fluer Hassan.

The All Nations Convocation is an annual event, which brings together Christian Government leaders worldwide to pray for their nations.

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