Kadaga tips UCU law students on professionalism

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga has cautioned Uganda Christian University (UCU) law students against practicing law without completing the Bar course at the Law Development Centre (UCU).

She said that lawyers who go ahead without the professional course endanger the work of other lawyers and in turn, affect the justice system in the country.

“If you practice without the professional Bar course, you risk being disbarred and this affects your whole career. LDC is tougher than the degree course. It is short and intense but with determination and concentration, you can achieve it,” she said.

Kadaga who was officiating at the UCU Law society dinner over the weekend at Serena Hotel also advised the students to desist from engaging in acts of dishonesty in their work.

“When you cheat, in the long run, the law will catch up with you. All you need to do is prepare adequately as lawyers and execute your work without cheating,” she said.

The Dean of the Law Faculty, Dr. Roselyn Karugunju also re-echoed the Speaker’s advice to the students, saying that once they engage in cheating in their work, they will live in fear instead of practicing freely.

“Do not use shortcuts to earn money. Be authentic and genuine in your transactions,” she said.

She also urged the students to strive to be leaders who provide solutions and not only criticise the status quo.

The students elected a new executive whose term will run for a year, with the outgoing president of the UCU Law society, Shamma Kabasiita calling on students to uphold the virtue of respect.

“For one to make a successful lawyer, you must be respectful. Humility seems like a small thing to do, but it means a lot,” she said.

She urged the new leadership to be servant leaders and remain a good example through their acts.

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