Buganda Kingdom, Airtel launch 2020 Kabaka Birthday Run

Today airtel Uganda and Buganda Kingdom have officially launched the 2020 Kabaka birthday run kits.

Speaking during the event at Mengo Bulange, Airtel managing director VG Somasekhar encouraged all Ugandans to keep their 5th April free and ensure that we kick HIV out of Uganda.

“After 6 years, going into our 7th year, we want to ensure that everybody can participate and contribute to the cause of eliminating AIDS in Uganda this year. The Kabaka Run has a lot of significance not for the affinity but the causes that the kingdom serves. This year the responsibility is on men. To ensure that HIV is removed in due course,” he noted.

The Katikkiro of Buganda Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga appreciated Airtel and other partners because they appreciate the causes which our King wants to work upon.

“Our vision is to reposition Buganda to its rightful position- at the summit of social and economic development. I am very proud of the partnership we have built because it makes us stronger than we are. I urge people to buy the kit in time and participate in the Birthday run. We look forward to your full participation.” He added.

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