I’m Not Happy With You – Events Promoter Balam Tells Off Angella Katatumba

Celebrated events and music promoter Balam Barugahare has joined hundreds of Ugandans that have come out to condemn singer Angellah Katatumba’s acts on the ongoing turmoil with the ex-boyfriend Daddy Andre.

Balam accuses Angella for killing the music industry that several people have built for ages.

He adds that she would have sought advice on how to handle the situation than just pouring reckless comments that have not only affected her personality but also stained the name of the entire industry.

Balaam Barugahara, ‘Muswaza industry ya music . Its unfortunate old men & Women like Lord Sebata ,Moses Matovu , Joanita Kawalya Muganga Ndwadde,Halima Namakula etc raised the bar/Level but you are putting it down day after day !!’

This comment follows Katatumba’s social media post when she revealed how Andre had spent close to shillings 20m in less than three months.

Andre is facing severe media and public backlash over allegations related to sexual harassment by three upcoming female musicians Nadia Rania, Jesca Pafra and Ayahnash.

According to Angella, things got crazy for him in January where he was burdened with a lot of problems.

Amongst financial and many others, Andre’s former PA stole his money and his car.

“To make matters worse, I also left him in January, because, he completely refused to do the HIV test.”

“Trust me, this was not an easy decision and I felt horrible, especially after, Andre poured all the love on earth on me,” she explained.

She added: “Despite that, I had to stick to my principles. I decided to keep it professional and focus on promoting our music.”

The pair had been dating at the close of last year.

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