Stanbic Bank Uganda Contributes UGX 100 Million towards Fight Against COVID19

As the Ministry of Health grapples to contain COVID19, Stanbic Bank has joined a cross section of the private sector in contributing towards the efforts to combat the pandemic with a UGX 100m donation.

The contribution is geared towards supporting the government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic that has so far seen a rise in 52 confirmed cases suffering from the virus.  

Stanbic Bank Chief Executive Anne Juuko said, “Uganda’s wellbeing and that of the Bank are interdependent. As such our humble contribution is the ultimate expression of our national responsibility and commitment to Uganda’s growth. We are partnering with the Ministry of Health and other private sector players to support Government e­fforts to curb the spread and risk of the COVID-19 with a contribution of Ushs100 million.

She added, “The contribution will support the much-needed public awareness on safety and funding of personal protective equipment and medical supplies for frontline medical sta­ff working with patients. In addition, we are providing fuel for logistics for the Ministry of Health officials to undertake tracing and contact outreach in the local communities and villages to ensure patients are attended to.” she said.

Stanbic Corporate Social Investments manager Barbara Kasekende said, “As a good corporate citizen, Stanbic Bank is playing its part in helping government overcome the challenge that we are facing today. We call upon the public to play its part and follow the preventive measures put in place by the ministry of health and the World Health Organisation,” she said.

She said the Bank’s contribution will go a long way in helping government manage the global pandemic.

Apart from the contribution to government’s efforts, Stanbic Bank has also put in place a set of measures to support the private sector and its customers overcome the challenges and impacts of the global pandemic.   

The Bank is offering a bespoke customer credit relief programme to our business customers that will be tailored to their circumstances. Customers who are concerned that they are facing, or will soon face, financial distress, are encouraged to reach out to their relationship managers for relief.

Juuko explained that the Bank’s aim is to ensure that businesses are sustained and the impact on the economy is minimised.

“Pandemics such as what we are going through today create huge economic costs, and we cannot predict what lies ahead but we want to reassure you that we are resilient and well capitalized as a bank. We shall continue to assist you and we believe it is our duty to ensure we support our clients to keep their businesses and lives on track.” she explained.  

She called upon the public to keep the faith and follow the guidelines put in place by the ministry of health and play our part in flattening the curve of the spread of this virus.

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