I’m Not Dead – Stella Nyanzi Speaks out

Makerere University former senior researcher Dr. Stella Nyanzi has finally made the first communication since the weekend when she was rushed to hospital under worrying situation.

In a lengthy social media post, Nyanzi revealed that she is out of danger and positively responding to medication, as revealed in the poem below.

My people, I am not yet dead.
Don’t start digging the burial ground as yet.
I am just suffering illnesses from Luzira prison.
I have bad anaemia, sick kidneys and foul UTI.
I have trauma triggered by torture in prison.
You see, my people who love me, you see?
I don’t need a grave as yet.
Instead I need foods rich in iron.
Leafy greens, mukene silver fish, millet oats
And protein rich foods to build my kidneys.
Don’t believe the lie that Janet murdered me!
She has learnt to fear me.

My people, I am not yet dead, not even dying.
Don’t start brewing the beer for the mourners.
My cocktail of illnesses pushed out the vomit.
The endless puking critically dehydrated me.
I could not get help against the dehydration.
My private car has no RDC permit sticker.
The health-workers in my home area have no RDC stickers.
The neighbourhood clinics had no RDC stickers.
No clinician agreed to treat me at my home.
And so I stayed indoors vomiting each day.
I vomited, amended my will, vomited again!
I vomited until I started foaming.
So don’t believe lies that Janet poisoned me.
She has learnt to revere me.

My people, I am not yet dead, not that easily.
Don’t slaughter Daddy’s bulls for my vigil.
Don’t even pay for any obituaries or wahala.
Pay the ambulance that did the Herculean task of transporting me to hospital.
Pay the POPD at Mengo Hospital for not chasing me away but rather admitting me.
Pay for the many laboratory diagnostic tests.
Pay for the medicines and treatments and therapies and counsel that I am receiving.
Pay the truth where lies of my death are circulating like a bush fire.
Pay me with love when many celebrated the potential of my poisoning.
Don’t believe the lie that Janet poisoned me.
She confirmed I was always telling the truth.

…Watch the video to hear my alive self briefly explaining my current ordeal…

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