COVID19: President Museveni to Address Nation Tomorrow, Will Lockdown Get Lifted?

President Museveni will address the country tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday (12 noon) to offer guidance in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and earlier guidelines.

This was revealed by Senior Press Secretary Don Wanyama.

“Please be informed that His Excellency the President will address the country tomorrow (Tuesday) at midday to guide on issues COVID-19,” Mr. Wanyama wrote on twitter.

This website understands that Cabinet, the decision making organ of government is meeting today (Easter Monday) under the chairmanship of President Museveni to consider whether to extend the current lockdown over coronavirus.

The total lockdown announced by Mr. Museveni two weeks ago elapses on Tuesday midnight and many members of the public have been wondering what the head of state will do next.

The website also learnt that before meeting Cabinet, the president held a meeting with the national taskforce on COVID-19 to decide whether or not to extend the lockdown.

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