Mukula: It will be a Miracle for NUP to Win a Single Parliamentary Seat in Eastern Region

The NRM Vice chairperson for Eastern region Capt Mike Mukula has made his personal revelation in regards to the presence of opposition in the Eastern region.

Mukula said that it would be a big miracle if National Unity Platform (NUP) secures a single Parliamentary Seat in the Thursday general polls. Uganda will on Thursday go to polls to vote for President, directly elected MPs and Parliamentary Woman representatives.

While addressing a press conference at his home in Soroti to mark the end of his over one month regional tours campaigning for President Museveni and all NRM flagbearers, Mukula said that neither Forum for Demcractic Change (FDC) nor Bobi Wine’s NUP is a threat in the region.
“I have been traversing all districts in Eastern region, I can authoritatively report that NRM is still a resilent and winning Party. We are going to win overwhelmingly in Eastern region. For example, it would be a big miracle for NUP to win a single Parliamentary Seat,” Mukula said.

Mukula predicts that NUP could only win a few Parliamentary seats in the Central and Buganda.

” NUP can’t win any seat in Karamoja, Teso, Sebei, Butebo, or even Lango or Acholi. Not even in the west,” he said.

Mukula is confident that not even FDC presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi is a threat to the NRM candidate.

“I salute my brother Amuriat but he won’t win this election. I am not tribalism, but we, Iteso don’t even raise more than 7% of the 18m voters, so even if all Teso people voted him, he wouldn’t still go through. It is only NRM that has got structures in every village,” Mukula said.

Mukula who sits in the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) says that FDC was very strong in the early years of 2001 and that they are responsible for their collapse.
” You need to galvanize and sell yourself countrywide if you are to win a presidential seat. FDC is on fire because of their own internal contradictions. They weakened themselves,” he said.

Mukula also addressed similar press conferences in Mbale and Jinja where he was joined by NRM District Chairpersons in the subregions. He then wound up his tours with a massive meeting in Kalaki District which was attended by a mammoth crowd.

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