Keno and bingo: reasons why operators should add them into online casinos

Do you know when the first lottery was created? Early signs of the famous and popular game appeared in Ancient China. Historical evidence shows that in the 2nd century BC, the country’s citizens led by Emperor Cheung were the first who organized a game similar to the modern keno, where hieroglyphs substituted numbers. There’s a legend that the Great Wall was erased with money collected from this entertainment.

So much time has passed, but the lottery still remains one of the major gambling activities in Asia, Europe, and America. It has many variations, and different online lotteries are very popular among gamblers.


It is considered to be one of the most popular types of a lottery for a casino in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, and several other countries. So, how does the game work?

Participants buy bingo cards that have a unique set of numbers. Then, random numbers are drawn and announced. Players should check their tickets and mark announced numbers. As soon as a player makes it in any row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) he or she has to claim BINGO. The game stops, the numbers are verified, and the winner gets the prize.

While playing the game, participants have a chance to win additional prizes that increase their involvement in the lottery. Even small bonuses encourage gamblers to play bingo again.


The main difference between keno and bingo is the possibility to pick numbers. Players predict which numbers are the winning ones and are allowed to choose them on the board themselves.

Originally, keno has only 5 winning numbers, but nowadays there can be from 1 to 20 winning numbers among 80 existing ones.

Important role of lottery in online casino

First online lotteries were invented during the 1990s, and it provided many opportunities both for players and casino business owners. So, what is the reason for you as an operator to offer lotteries in your online casino?

First, people like trying their luck, knowing that there is a chance to win. The rules of such games are quite simple and do not require any special skills. Moreover, the risk to lose a big amount of money is significantly lower here than with slot machines.

Second, modern technologies allow providers to advance online lottery functionality on a regular basis. For instance, they can add colorful visual elements, useful features, and attractive bonuses. That is why online lottery integration into casino helps you to attract and retain a diverse audience of players on your gambling platform.

How to go with proper software

When choosing lotteries for an online casino, it is crucial to select world-known companies. For instance, InBet Games is one of the gambling companies that offer lotteries, as well as blackjack, and video slots. You can check out the advantages of InBet Games solutions and integrate the gaming software into your online casino. Integration through APIgrator helps to add software of this leading company, as well as of our other partners in a single session.

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