Museveni Blasts Amin: Someone Who Kills His Critiques, Opponents Is a Coward

President Museveni Tuesday joined Ugandans at State House Entebbe to remember the life and times of archbishop Janani Luwum.

“I was baptised by Archbishop Sabiti when my parents came from the old religion in 1947. I was about three years, then later I worked with him. He told me he was already an old person when Europeans came to Ankole,” President Museveni narrated.

He said Janani Luwum would be a son generation to Muzeeyi Sabiti.

“I was the head of scripture union at Mwiri and I tactfully withdrew. I wrote a motion that we must protest the words of Ian Taylor but the rest said we should not concentrate on earthly things.”

“Amin killed the likes of Ben Kiwanuka and Janan Luwum but we the freedom fighters avenged their deaths. I thank all the freedom fighters that avenged their deaths.”

He said there was no need for Amin to kill the bishop.

“Just ignore him or also criticise him. It was really the structure of the leadership that we had illiterate people like Idi Amin, what do you expect?”

“We avenged the deaths of those who died in Amin’s regime. We now need to guard it. Some people want to disturb the peace we have, but nobody will disturb the peace of Uganda. We have a very strong army.”

He said Archbishop Luwum didnt die in vain. He took the path of martyrdom.

“Amin was very shallow. A person that kills except in war is very lazy,” Museveni noted.

“Killing people who are not armed and not attacking you is cowardice and laziness. Some people don’t know how to challenge the person against them by counter logic. It means the killer doesn’t have the confidence that he will win the argument.”

He added: “I don’t fear anybody, if you are wrong I will tell you. If you are confident about your position, there is no reason to kill.”

Museveni said he only advises the church people to be balanced while speaking.

“You can criticise the government but how about those who are against the government? Women putting on yellow were undressed, I have not heard them say anything.”

“Killing people who criticise you is cowardice and laziness. For us (NRA) are not lazy, that is why we went to the bush for eight years.”

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