What You Need To Know About Exportation of Animal products, Veterinary Health Certificate

Uganda exports various animal products such as beef, mutton, poultry products such as eggs, chicken, to dairy products; milk and cheese, and non-food products such as wool, hides and skins among others.

The country’s markets are in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and South Sudan. According to the trade economy website, Uganda’s exports in terms of animal and animal products in 2020 amounted to $2.23 million.

Although many individuals and companies have invested in this area, not many of them have lived to celebrate their fifth year anniversary due to the limited market within the country. There is a need to grow into other markets. This is partly hinged on lack of information and traders failure to take part in the international market.

Every season, Uganda produces more than it can consume. Therefore, farmers need to explore other market options for their products, for example dairy products.

As Ugandan traders try to access the international market, the government and its trade facilitation partners have developed a reliable and transparent trade information platform to support trade. It guides traders on which licences they need, where to obtain them, who to see, what documents are needed, costs to pay, law that justifies these and where to complain in case of any problem.

Any person wishing to export animal products must have an international Veterinary Health Certificate accompanying the products. This certificate is issued by the Department of animal health at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF), through their online portal, attesting that the products were obtained from animals that satisfactorily met the required standards.

An intending exporter will obtain an import permit from the country of destination which the veterinary officer will base on to issue the veterinary health certificate. The trader will then pay a cost of Shs 40,000 through the Uganda Revenue Authority portal.

The certificate is issued for every consignment and is valid for 6 months after its issuance. The consignment is ready for dispatch as soon as the certificate has been downloaded from the portal.
More information has been detailed on the trade information portal website:

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