List of Acholi MPs That Have Okayed Kadaga to ‘Slaughter’ Oulanyah Into Cabbages

The contest for the next Speaker of Parliament is gradually moving towards the boiling point with shocking events happening every the other day ahead of the May 24 elections.

The latest is that at least of 18 of the 28 MPs from Jacob Oulanyah’s Acholi Sub-region have openly professed their support for incumbent Rebecca Kadaga against their own.

Some of the defections that has re-energized Kadaga’s reelection bid include Hon Santa Okot, mother in-law to Oulanyah( mother to his divorced wife-Winnie Amoo). Okin PP Ojara, the Chairman of the Acholi Parliamentary Group has also opted for Kadaga. Catherine Lamwaka, also from Omoro District and wife to UPDF’s Gen.Charles Otema and sister in-law to NRM Deputy SG Richard Tadwong is another Acholi bigwig to have endorsed Kadaga’s reelection bid.

The news will come as a big blow to Oulanyah’s camp after reports circulating that Gen Yoweri Museveni has directed that the matter of the next Speaker should be handled by NRM pro Kadaga Caucus rather than the CEC which reportedly favors her deputy.

Here are some of the MPs from Acholi in bed with Kadaga;

1 Lilian Aber, Kitgum Woman MP

2 Catherine Lamwaka, Omoro Woman MP

3 Gilbert Olanya, Kilak South

4 Okin PP Ojara, Chua West

5 Lucy Akello , Amuru Woman MP

6 Amos Okot, Agago County

7 Santa Okot, Aruu North

8 Komakech Christopher, Aruu South

9 Peter Okot, Tochi County

10 Sharon Laker, Gulu Northern Province Capital

11 Denis Onekalit Amere, Kitgum Municipality

12 Judith Achan, Nwoya District Woman MP

13 Tony Want, Nwoya County

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