Embattled Minister Kabafunzaki lands in fresh bribery scandal

Embattled Kabafunzaki lands in fresh bribery scandal

State Minister for Labor, Employment and Industrial relations Herbert Kabafunzaki has landed in fresh bitter soup with another bribery allegation of a South Korean investor.

Earlier on, the South Korean embassy wrote to the permanent secretary ministry of foreign affairs seeking for investigations into the conduct of Kabafunzaki.

According to a letter dated April 24, the Kabafunzaki reportedly arrested a South Korean investor Woo Junghoon who had declined to give him a bribe of USD 5000. Junghoon was later detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala for 5 hours.

It is said that Kabafunzaki ordered police officers not to release Junghoon until the said bribe had been paid.

The South Korean embassy and a group of lawyers later intervened and Junghoon was released.

These allegation follows the arrest of Minister Kabafunzaki for allegedly receiving a bribe of Shs 5 million from businessman Muhammed Hamid of Aya group.

However the Minister has denied these allegations saying that they are malicious and intended to tarnish his name.


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