Nambooze: You can break my body but this mission is unstoppable

Nambooze to Mao: You can break body but this mission is unstoppable

Hon. Betty Nambooze has said she is refocusing her energy on the issues that they based on to start the struggle.

“We are starting our campaign to take over the leadership of DP. Once you are recognized by a group of people as their leader, you are their leader even if Mao stands on top of Workers House and shouts ‘Nambooze is no longer the DP leader in Buganda’, I will be”.

Nambooze added that the mission to stop the party from being swallowed by the dictatorial regime of the National Resistance movement can’t be intercepted by bad people.

She however re assured Mao that even if he breaks her body or even kill her it’s not reason enough to stop the mission of redeeming the party.

Mukono legislator ‘Madam teacher’ Nambooze and her faction of Masaka MP Mathias Mpuuga, Busiro MP Medard Lubega Ssegoona among others have been in head-on collisions with the DP secretariat over allegations of selling the parties mission to the ruling party through becoming a training institute for president Museveni’s allies.

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