Besigye rocks Kyankwanzi, gives police the worst experience

Besigye rocks Kyankwanzi, gives police the worst experience

Former Presidential candidate Dr.Kiiza Besigye has given Kyankwanzi police the worst experience when he exported his defiance tendencies in the area.

Though three police trucks, RDC vehicle and a canter lorry had blocked him at Bugomolwa village in an attempt to stop him, this instead turned a point of interest as locals gathered to cheer him up.

Besigye who is in the area for his famous My land My life campaign against land grabbing was able to dodge the police as it concentrated at dispersing the increasing crowds.

Police trying to block the people’s man

Then reinforcements of activists came from Ntwetwe as Police gave way after over 2hrs of a stalemate.

He addressed the excited crowds and called upon them to remain vigilant, protect their land jealously from the people he described as thieves.

“Though power has delayed to come their way, but the symptoms of success have already started showing. Therefore don’t give up, we are soon retaining our country.” He promised.

As usual the man of the people was offered gifts including money, chicken, matooke among others as he danced to the popular Toka Kwa Barabara song.

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