Otafiire blasts state lawyers over salary enhancement

Gen. Kahinda Otafiire

The minister of Justice and constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire has called on the prosecutors not to over burden tax payers with their demands.

Former Ruhinda legislator made this statements during the meeting with prosecutors citing that they made heavy demands which would force the government to borrow and over tax the population which will hurt the national economy.

Two weeks ago prosecutors went on strike after government flouted a fourteen day ultimatum to grant their demands.

This however forced the government to express commitment to addressing their welfare issues and wants the prosecutors to give it 90 days to act on their various demands which include a tax waiver on their salaries, salary increment and promotions among others.

Yesterday they voted to suspend the strike for 90 next 90 days to allow government to address their demands.

Meanwhile, the president for the Uganda Association of Prosecutors David Baxter Bakibinga says that their demands are genuine and based on their heavy work load.



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