Rakai MP Kinyamatama says age limit is a ‘useless’ clause for Uganda

Rakai Woman member of parliament,Juliet Kinyamatama Ssubi addresses a press conference

The Rakai District woman legislator Hon. Juliet Suubi Kyinyamatama has joined the quee of Hon. Ibrahim Abriga (Arua Municipality), Minister Evelyn Anite to back the scrapping off of the presidential age limit from the constitution of the Republic of Uganda.

Kinyamatama says that denying President Museveni a chance to stand again in 2021 because he will above 75 years is a sign of political backwardness since it does not consider inclusion thus relating it to the notorious ‘Animal Farm’ story.

She notes that the Country needs to adopt our own move of running our state not adopting western cultures because Uganda is an independent and democratic state.

“We should not adopt agitate for unfair political rules from western countries (most if not all do not actually have age limits). If our democracy is to grow, we need to remove all the bottlenecks and instead push for a levelled ground. One such bottleneck is the edging out of Ugandans from contesting for Presidency just because they are past a certain age. That is not how political inclusion works.” Kinyamatama said.

Kinyamatama also said that Removing Museveni is not only ridiculous but incomparable because Ugandans need a person tested and with experience who will  address people’s problem not those promising heaven and earth.

“I oppose the opposition against the removal of age limit because age cannot be used to put the livelihoods of my people in the hands of the Napoleons and Squealers. We all know how life at the Manor (Animal) Farm turned out to be when Mr Jones was driven out of town.” She added.

She adds citing an example of her voters in Rakai district who voted Museveni because he pledged hoes and menstrual pads but not because of Tablets and Laptops.

“They may not have access to the best health care system, the best education system or to the best roads like the Americans and British do but that can’t be a basis for them to risk their bare minimum. That is the very reason they did not fall for promises of laptops and Wi-Fi internet during the Presidential Campaigns. They understood the promise for handheld hoes and menstrual pads.” she concluded


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