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NBS TV Journalists say Museveni only cares about today not legacy

Joseph Sabiti and Samson Kasumba

It was a moment of attention and scrutiny as famous NBS Television senior Journalists analyzed the controversial Age Limit saga on Friday morning 21st July 2017 during the Media round table.

Talking about the impact and faith in which the law is being pushed, Samson Kasumba said President Museveni no-longer cares about legacy but cares about ‘now’ adding that What we are seeing at the moment on the forefront is because everyone is racing to be an ‘Anite’.

In addition, John Njoroge also described President Museveni as a strategist citing that what we are calling speculation and idle talk, it is in the pipeline coming.

“We are going to talk but there are people who are already seated comfortably making strategies.” Said Njoroge.

However speaking about the opposition party’s moves, Simon Kaggwa Njala bashed the Democratic Party (DP)’s ‘Kogikwatako’ age limit campaign as part of the comedy this country is going through, Noting that President Museveni anticipated what is happening today and it’s all part of his script.

Dalton Kaweesa climaxed describing Ugandans as being related to a ‘Dory’ because they forget a lot.

“When president Museveni says it’s idle talk, he’s just looking for where to go. Judiciary is the only arm of government which is credible.” Said Dalton.


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