OPINION: King Mumbere Under Intense Stress, After all it wasn’t Bail as said

King Mumbere on one of the occasions in Kasese before his arrest.

Whereas various voices continue to hover all over the Rwenzoris in various names including that of “dialogue” to which some of us are still skeptical, the situation of the King continue to worry.

The small palace in which he is detained can no longer be accessible  not even by the closest relative. This is one of the most unfortunate scenarios that continue to throw cold water onto the proposed dialogue process.
The Rwenzururu Kings’ bail application rose several queries right from the start.
It will be recalled that right from the start of this bail battles the currently home detained king was rearrested after the first bail grant.

It was one of the most historical humiliating events ever among the many that have happened to him in the recent past.

Now there came a hoax of a bail. A lot happened prior and finally the “bail” was granted. Upon grant we questioned the condition most of which pointed at the bitter fact that it was going to be a mere change of environment. Call it some modified prison befitting ” a king”.

The procedure was set, you want to see the King! Okay, make an appointment some days prior, the visitor is vetted then finally allowed to see the king. It was at first limited to five, it dwindled to three now it has gone down to zero.

We call it holding one smartly incommunicado. However, its only the embattled King that knows what it means. Not even any voice in this line can be heard.

The embattled King had not been briefed about what it meant, the Rwenzururu power brokers sat and negotiated these teems to whom the victim was not informed. All seems surprises.

With the looming “dialogue” we are still wondering how this will happen when all signals are pointing at an unwilling party to the same.

Unfortunately no official can access the said King and we are wondering how all these plans we move a head in the name of dialogue.

Why isn’t there space created in the name of availing a levelled ground call it a conducive environment to ensure that the “dialogue” can yield.

We come for and in Peace.
Rwenzoris where my story begins.

Sandy Apolo Randy
The Dream Team
The Voice from the Peak.

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