OPINION: The Rwenzururu Kingdom Foolery at A glance(Part 1).

Cong’s to Nyamukama for Indicting your son before the Courts of Law would do the same! Your statements speak volumes. You are among the few mothers that seem celebrating your own son’s misery.

Much as we appreciate the fact that the Kingdom is undergoing one of its hardest times at the moment, sugarcoating words will not help.

King Charles Wisely Mumbere has been overthrown by his own family under some blurred umbrella of some dubious moves.
Upon his arrest there was a looming question as to whether the Kingship had been abolished, the same was answered.
The struggling embattled King was given assurance that yes, no matter what you are suspected to have done, your Kingship still reigns.

Several efforts were made to restore sanity including peace missions which later on were discovered to be the true conflict merchants. They never yielded.

What was the royal family doing! They went silent.
All they were concerned with was their son’s “release” for avoidance of doubt, these people negotiated a house a arrest for their very own. It indeed happened. The “King” is under house arrest.

The Dethronement is real as I wrote here last time. The family has and is working hard to ensure that the Numbere factor becomes history in Rwenzori.

As a King the embattled Mumbere appointed leadership which was to act on his behalf during these hard times. He trusted them and gave them instruments of power.

This move never pleased other Royal family members. Hence the current move. Basically they knew it very well that they wouldn’t do anything without something in their pockets.

Under what circumstances can Nyamukama insinuate such a Move?
1. When the purported King is still in his infancy.
2. When the purported King goes insane.
3. When the purported King finally goes to meet his ancestors and has had no male child, in any case if there is a male child there would be reagents.
4. When the purported King is under any form of incapacitation.

None of the above can stand the test of time.
1. It is in her words that the President didn’t ban the Kingship. What does this mean, that 1. King Mumbere still has powers. 2. that whatever Numbere does is legal.

Why is Nyamukama and que want to fool the people?

To be continued.

Sandy Apolo Randy
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