You Are A Devil — Kamya Tells Museveni

Minister for Kampala, Betty Kamya has admitted that she is in alliance with NRM because it is hypocrisy to work with the government and yet still oppose it.

According to her, she prefers President Museveni to appear on the ballot in 2021 because he is ‘better devil’. [

Better the devil you know that the angel you don’t know]

While appearing on NBS TV today morning, Hon. Betty Kamya revealed that the age limit direction has taken another twist.

Kamya believes the intention of the debate is to lead the country to democracy.

“I think the debate has taken a wrong direction. The debate should be about democracy. There are some people who want the constitutional amendment and those who don’t want. All of them are free to talk about it,” Kamya said

However, she adds that those who want to attain democracy should be smarter because it is a painful process and therefore those who want to achieve it must be smarter than the government just like those who went to the bush.

“People who went to the bush didn’t defeat government because they had more power but because they were smarter.”

Betty Kamya further wondered why Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye is involved in this debate because according to her, when this very debate took place in CA, Besigye was part of the minority.

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