Nagalama: Police intensifies deployment as youth demand for Besigye release

A group of over 300 Youths have stormed Naggalama police station to demand for the immediate release of their leaders.

Imprisoned leaders who include former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye, the party presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat and the party mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe who have been in custody since Friday.

The youth insist that their leaders have in been in detention for more than 48 hours an act that is illegal and unconstitutional.

However information coming in indicates that police has intensified the deployment and there might be possibilities to have the leaders transferred to another location.

Their detention follows Thursday incident when they were arrested at Burambira village in Bubaare Sub-county in Rubanda District on their way from Rukungiri to Rubanda District where they had a campaign.

However according to the area RPC Denis Namuwoza said Dr Besigye is wanted in Rukungiri where he allegedly commanded a group of people who pelted stones at the police officers as they tried to disperse FDC supporters who had gathered to listen to Mr Amuriat.

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