Tororo residents threaten to beat MP Nyaketcho over age limit bribe

Hon. Annette Nyaketcho

Residents of Tororo North County pushed the area member of Parliament Hon. Annette Nyaketcho into shock when they rejected her steamed age limit consultation facilitation.

The angry residents jointly told the youthful lawmaker that they cannot accept to be bribed to second the bill thereby forcing her to return money to her hand bag immediately or else they reject her request.

This dramatic incidence happened at Molo sub county headquarters where she had organized a meeting to consult her constituents on the proposed amendment to Article 102(b) of the constitution to lift the presidential age limit.

The locals however accepted to approve the proposed amendment bill but asked their legislator to use the money for another purpose though according to the MP, the money was a simple refund for participants’ transport to the venue and back to their respective homes.

The consultation meeting was held under heavy police deployment following reports that some people had planned to disrupt it.



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