Hon. Wadri attacks POA faction for calling Muntu a mole

Kassiano Wadir

Hon. Kassiano Ezati Wadir former Member of Parliament for Terego County, Arua District showed his dissatisfaction and anger over some Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Members who have invested a lot of efforts in fighting each other.

Speaking during one of president Gen. Mugisha Muntu’s party campaigns in Arua, the vocal politician that fight each other and calling each other moles has nowhere its taking the party except burying in it under the rock.

“Gen.Muntu and Hon.Salamu Musumba registered this party we are proud of. I feel agitated when I hear some people calling him a mole. We moved with Gen. Muntu to all districts in Uganda opening party offices.” He said.

Wadir also warned these cliques of members to stop the uncivilized tendencies that he further described as treacherous moves against Uganda’s leading opposition party.

He however called upon all party member to remain United since the party elections are soon and the fight against the Museveni regime will continue thus saying that if the factions stay in exchange of bitter words, the hope of overpowering regime may end up becoming a dream.

Kassiano with Muntu

“We had unity, we looked at ourselves as brothers and sisters. We wanted to have a party with a national feature-a party whose leadership is spread across all the sub regions of Uganda and this is what Gen. Muntu has built up, but if we continue fighting each other, our dream will never come true “Hon. Wadrib.

Who is Kassiano Wadri?

Kassiano Ezati Wadri a Ugandan social worker and politician was born on 29th September 1957. He is the former Member of Parliament for Terego County, Arua District, and is a strong member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), the main opposition party in Uganda.

He served in the 7th, 8th and 9th Parliaments of Uganda as the opposition chief whip, the chairperson of the Committee on Government Assurances and as a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries and the Business Committee.

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