Jinja Road: Man in Noah knocks Mercedes ML 500, cries like baby ndunya

Man on his knees crying for forgiveness

There was drama at Jinja road lights in Kampala city as a yet to be identified man knocked a posh car.

Man who was donned in blue helplessly went down on his kneels after his Noah crushed into a Mercedes ML 500.

Man who called God all sorts of names at the moment, cried to Mercedes driver to pardon him some that caused a lot of commission traffic instead wanted to airlift him like a chapatti thief in the slams of Kalerwe.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML500 costs $2275 amounting to over 73 million shillings yet his Noah costs about 20 millions implying that  may be selling off his Noah would only help him repair the lights he had spoiled, now how about the bumper and tinting it again?

How the brad of the car he knocked looks like inside

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