Stop telling the army my secrets, Kayihura warns all police officers

Kale Kayihura

As the rift between the two security bosses continues conquering finger tips of majority Ugandans, the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, has issued an order restraining all police officers from sharing police information with sister agencies.

According to the letter dated February 21st, Kayihura says regardless of the rank, no one is allowed to share police information with other security agencies like Internal Security Organization (ISO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) without permission.

He says several police officers have secretly been summoned by sister agencies to avail information, while others have revealed police secrets to other agencies at own will something that will force disciplinary action to be taken against all those involved in such acts.

Its said that close to 200 police officers have been secretly interrogated by security agencies like Internal Security Organization (ISO) and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) with the most recent one being the Former commandant of Professional Standards Unit (PSU), Senior Commissioner, Joel Aguma and Nixon Agasirwe are among senior officers being tried in court martial over cases related to conspiracy and Kidnap of Rwandese nationals.

Though government has overtime rejected the grudge claims between top bosses, the emergency of such sanctions and questions make the public get double stands.

Recently, Government dismissed allegation of frictions among security agencies especially between the Uganda force and the army.

Speaking to the Media at Media Center, the minister for information Frank Tumwebaze said that all security organizations unite under national Security Council and thus all mistakes are sorted internally.

He said that all alleged disagreement are a media creation thereby doubting their credibility.

Tumwebaze said there is only one appointing and expelling unit and that is the president who can terminate any ones contract citing that those claiming that some officers are to be fired need to double check their facts.


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