BUSTED: Honey girl fakes kidnap to test her boyfriend’s love

Police in Kampala have arrested a 22 year old for faking own kidnap as a way of testing her boyfriend’s love.

Amina Mirembe made calls to her boyfriend James Mugoda claiming that she had been kidnapped by two men, who were asking for a Shs500,000 ransom on Sunday at 2am.

The boyfriend immediately reported a case at Ntinda Police Station and the anti kidnap teams swung immediately into action

On failure to receive the intended ransom,Mirembe later sympathised with her boyfriend and called him saying she had been rescued by a police patrol vehicle.

However the security agencies in a bid to bring the reported case to a logical conclusion, tracked and found her lying on a bed, playing with her mobile phone with no sign of the alleged kidnappers at the scene.

Upon questioning the detectives found out that her statements were not coordinated given that no police patrol had been involved in any rescue.

Mirembe later admitted that she had made up the story because she thought another woman was interested in her boyfriend and she just wanted to see if he ‘truly cared about her.

Mirembe is currently detained at Kira Road Police Station for giving false information and is to be arraigned before court.

No matter how much you think you know about your partner, you can never be truly sure of their love and devotion until it’s put to the test. Sometimes, this involves you going ahead and making sure that test happens however kidnapping oneself shouldn’t be used as a measure of one’s love.


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