EXCLUSIVE: Please forgive me, Kayihura cries to Museveni

Kale Kayihura when he was still IGP

Embattled former inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has cried to the Fountain of Honor to forgive him and consider the time and good work he diligently did for the Pearl of Africa.

This call came a day after he was arrested when he pleaded and vowed not to committee any mistake again.

According to our highly placed Insider, it’s revealed that before Kayihura got information of being arrested, he tried to launch several efforts to get in touch with President and explain to him ahead of getting ashamed before the entire region but all this was in vain since his calls were not picked.

It is further intimated that the Head of State is still so annoyed with the manner in which entire country was being messed up by a section of people who are also alleged of having connections to some crimes especially murders of innocent people.

The president himself revealed to the public during the 2018/2019 National Budget at the Kampala Serena Conference Centre, Thursday, 14 June when he said  he was sad and angry following the recent murders but confident that security agencies were working to restore security and fight crime in the country.

“In the Bible, God referred to these people who commit crime as pigs and I can assure you that at the end of the day, these people have provoked us and we are going to crush them,” he said, adding that, “There are things I am not going to accept, like granting Police bond and bail to people suspected for murder”. Museveni furiously said.

Its further revealed that by the time of his arrest, Kayihura had finished transferring most his money to a certain international bank (Names Withheld) only remaining with $8m which would help him flee the country and settle anywhere in the World as works on his titanic transactions. However this attempt was first sabotaged by security forces that demanded for clearance from president Museveni late last month if he is to smell the airport, or access his travel documents.

Our insider also narrated that by 2016, Kayihura was nabbed holding a Bank account with about $30 m something that shocked the head State who wondered how the General had acquired such huge sums of money thus generating suspicion till the last hour that he ended up grabbing him like a helpless grasshopper.


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