One May think UBC is China TV – Kin Kariisa

Kin Kariisa

The president of the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) and CEO of Next Media Group Kin Kariisa has called upon media houses to prioritize the issue of promotion airing of local content.

Speaking during the annual Broadcasters Conference held at Imperial Royal Hotel, Kariisa said its unfortunate that some media house still have more foreign content than the local content.

Putting on spot the Uganda Broadcasting cooperation (UBC), Kariisa said that one may think UBC is China TV.

“We need more efforts in promotion of local Content, several media houses are dominated by foreign content including our very own UBC TV, One may think it’s China TV” He reported to the Minister of Information and National Guidance Hon. Frank Tumwebaze.

Kariisa added by calling upon government to set up a committee to monitor and penalize media houses failing to promote local content.

In response to this call, Frank Tumwebaze vowed to ensure that the challenge is addressed citing that UBC deserves to lead other media houses in regard to local content promotion.

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